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We are back online!

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Our backend services are not reachable. We are working on a fix.

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Our infrastructure monitoring system reported an issue with our backend services. We are investigating and will be posting further information as soon as possible.

Notre système de surveillance a rapporté un problème avec nos services backend. Nous analysons la situation et annoncerons plus de détails dès que possible.

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Affected components
  • Backend Services
    • Studyo Backend
      • Studyo Authentication
      • Studyo API
      • Studyo Connectors
    • Studyo Go Backend
      • Studyo Go API
  • Frontend Applications
    • Studyo Frontend
      • Studyo iOS App
      • Studyo Android App
      • Studyo Web App
      • Studyo Insights
    • Studyo Go Frontend
      • Studyo Go iOS App
      • Studyo Go Android App
      • Studyo Go Web App